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Filter Phone Calls

We all know that cold calling is annoying, especially if you are high up in the chain that belongs to a successful business. We can take, filter and pass calls through which means no more pesky salesman!

Process Invoices

We have a dedicated team that can look after and organise all of your invoices. This helps make life easier.

Organise Meetings

We know that time is precious, we understand that you may not have the time to chase people around looking for an answer. We will inform staff then follow up for a reply when it comes to meetings.

A Little about us…

Are you fed up of doing a full days work and then needing to come home and complete all the admin work for your business? If so you have come to the right website. Here at Net admin jobs we take away that pressure from you by offering a totally bespoke service to help to take away that work load from you. 

How does it work? Well very simply we have a call centre set up of qualified and passionate admin staff. These staff can take orders, phone calls, process invoices or any other type of admin work you may need. 

Security is paramount. Yes we understand many peoples concerns over having a third party business control your admin work. Therefore we have worked with a leading ID solutions company called Lesar who have provided us with bespoke lanyards, ID cards, an Access Control Systems and customised wristbands. 

We can’t speak highly enough of how well Lesar handled our project. It was perfect from start to finish. We decided to go fully bespoke to ensure that no one could copy our identification system and therefore any staff that is on our site is fully monitored to ensure your data remains private and secure. To add to this it means we can monitor that our staff are always performing at optimum levels ensuring you get a good return for your money. 

We use the ID cards which feature both a unique ID number and a photo picture of the member of staff to make it impossible for people to switch ID cards and therefore access parts of the buildings. To add to this we used bespoke lanyards to add to the professional look of our business and to ensure that they are not replicated by anyone else. For customers that sign long term contracts we actually use our staff full time for your projects alone and therefore get customised designs of lanyards with both of our company and of yours. This helps give our staff a more personal feel that they are part of your company truly acting as your personal assistants. 

The wristbands are encoded with software that allows them into authorised parts of our premises again ensuring that data is always secure and only authorised personal can see the relevant documentation. We also use a purpose built system here to access electronic files that again is accessible by the wristbands with only the qualified people with the correct privileges. 

This system is again bespoke made for us so we could ensure it integrated perfectly with the access control system, lanyards and wristbands provided by Lesar. 

Whatever your admin needs we are sure we can help take that work load off your business and on to us to help you enjoy your life some more or complete the work that actually earns you the money. 

For more information on our services please see our frequently asked question or contact us via our contact us page.